Sunday, December 14, 2008

What We Do . . .

in Oregon when there is an inch of snow:

1) Cancel everything, possibly even church

2) Play, play, play; cause this only happens about once per year!

Here are some pictures from our first snowfall of this season. Enjoy!!

Fish and Treefrog hugging in the snow. I didn't have to beg for this at all:)

Treefrog loved every minute of the snow.

Fish wanted me to take his picture and then . . .

decided he hated everything about the snow. We tried for about 5 minutes to get him occupied with snow activities, but he just stood and cried anytime we set him down. So . . .

I came back inside with Fish and placated him with Elmo. Praise Jesus for Elmo!

I hope you have the wonder of snow wherever you are today! Enjoy it like a kid (preferably like Treefrog and not like Fish!).

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