Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye Naptime

I have a three year old. I have a three year old who won't nap any longer. Goodbye life as I've known it.

We have instituted a 45 minute "rest time." This is to ensure that Mama gets some alone time and Treefrog isn't beaten to death with any object within Mama's reach as I tend to loose control after 8 straight hours of kids by myself. Seriously, nap time is my kids' savior:)

Our garden that we began way back in April is doing amazing. I hope to post some pictures soon to let the world see Ben's and my green thumbs. Right now drying on my window sill just above my computer are calendula flowers that I will make into a salve as soon as I've harvested enough to make it worth the effort. We also really liked our pole beans and so they too are drying on our sill and will be stored and planted again next year. It's amazing to me how such a little spot will provide sustenance and healing all throughout the year. What an amazing creation!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where Oh Where Are You Tonight?

Well, I left you all alone for many reasons. Here's the short version:

I finally made it to West Virginia in May. I was there with the kids for about 2 weeks and then Ben joined us for another 2 weeks. We were either outside playing or at the hospital visiting my grandmother.

June brought us back to the Pacific Northwest for a whirlwind of activities. First there was camp with the teen parents that we work with, then there was our family vacation, next came a visit from my ever-hard-to-be-around father, and finally a stay at our children’s hospital due to Fish inhaling a rock during our family vaca. I thought things would finally calm down with Ben starting back to work, but . . .

July 4, 2008 my grandmother passed away. Such a beautiful lady was laid to rest a few days later (which meant my traveling another 3000 miles to do the laying). I felt so many emotions – enormous amounts of love for her and all the time we spent together, sorrow for her passing, happiness for her being in a better place with no pain, etc. Most of all I felt the hard reality that she will never again surprise me with a phone call or a card in the mail. I miss her so.

I came back to the Northwest on July 13 and have been desperately trying to regain a sense of balance in our life. Treefrog and Fish have been so wonderful through this process – very patient and understanding as I have readjusted to being a full time mama. I think I can finally say we are back in the swing of things (two full weeks later). I mean, look at me! I’m finally posting!!

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