Sunday, February 17, 2008

February's Top Ten

Thanks to SouleMama I am sitting home from church today (Fish is sick with so much snot in his head the poor little dude can barely breathe) and contemplating what I am grateful for today. Here goes:

1) This time to myself today - it's been a long month and a half with Ben working so much these past few weeks. We are looking forward to our "normal" schedule returning this month!

2) Valentine's Day - this is the first year we have talked about it with Treefrog. He still doesn't get it (I'm not sure we get it since it isn't something hugely important to Ben and I), but we made a fun heart garland to hand in our dining room and he was incredibly happy to have made it.

3) Sunshine - we have noted on a daily basis this month how much longer our lovely sun is sticking around. Oh, the joys of living in the Northwest and actually seeing the sun at this time of year! What a gift!!

4) Our fancy dinner for the teen parents - our family works with teen parents every other Wednesday. Last Wednesday we were able to take them to a very nice house and serve them an amazing meal while their kiddos had a picnic dinner and played upstairs in the playroom. What a wonderful time to show the parents love for them and their children!

5) Amazing friends - E and J (two of my bestest buds) have been so awesome to hang with lately.

6) Training for a Half - J and I are are training for a half-marathon. It has been incredibly fun working alongside J. Both of our families have had to be super flexible, knowing that they will continue to need to be flexible as we are only on the 4 mile runs and will be soon running 10 miles on Saturdays.

7) Treefrog and Fish – my amazing boys, growing so rapidly, and learning so aptly how to be kind to one another and others.

8) Wine and Gilmore Girls – My evening last night with Ben, my amazing, loving partner in life.

9) Coffee or Naps (on the best day, both!) – the things that keep me going when I am sleep deprived and the sun is refusing to come out to play.

10) Time – time to enjoy my family, time to read, time to write, time to be. Time is an amazing gift.

I hope to hang on to these (and the many other) joys that I notice. May your days be filled with unexpected joys as well as expected ones.

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