Thursday, February 14, 2008

Walking Home from Dinner

For the most part, we consume each lunch and dinner in the cafeteria on campus. This is partly due to the fact that the manager of the cafeteria believes in working with college students, being an example and present in their lives, to help guide them in making good choices (e.g. not throwing one's food, not playing "fork the apple" - a highly competitive game in which an apple is tossed onto a fork and then tossed again with the fork stuck in it, repeating as many times as there are forks at the table).

All that to say, we are out in the dark at this time of year quite a bit since we are walking home from dinner. Each night, Treefrog notices the moon. Or, to be more specific, Mr. Moon. I'm not quite sure why he is male, but it seems that almost every thing that is personified in this house becomes male . . . maybe I should have a daughter . . . Anywho, a conversation from last night:

Treefrog: Hey there's Mr. Moon!

Me: Yea! Isn't he pretty tonight?

"Oh, yea. I lub Mr. Moon!"

"Me too, buddy."

"Yea, yea, yea. Mr. Moon is my favorite."

"Why is Mr. Moon your favorite, Treefrog?"

"Because Mr. Moon is my favorite, Mr. Moon is my favorite" (I wish I could play a record of how is stated this line. The first part of the sentence was very matter of fact while the second half was said in a sing-song voice.)

I love my boys!

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