Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye Naptime

I have a three year old. I have a three year old who won't nap any longer. Goodbye life as I've known it.

We have instituted a 45 minute "rest time." This is to ensure that Mama gets some alone time and Treefrog isn't beaten to death with any object within Mama's reach as I tend to loose control after 8 straight hours of kids by myself. Seriously, nap time is my kids' savior:)

Our garden that we began way back in April is doing amazing. I hope to post some pictures soon to let the world see Ben's and my green thumbs. Right now drying on my window sill just above my computer are calendula flowers that I will make into a salve as soon as I've harvested enough to make it worth the effort. We also really liked our pole beans and so they too are drying on our sill and will be stored and planted again next year. It's amazing to me how such a little spot will provide sustenance and healing all throughout the year. What an amazing creation!

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