Sunday, May 24, 2009


The other day, Ben, Fish, Treefrog and I were outside enjoying the sunshine. Treefrog was doing his own thing digging in the dirt and Fish was clinging to my "bap" (a.k.a. lap) which I have come to believe is his way of dealing with the impending transition to three children in our house. Somehow we started talking about the baby. He leaned over my bulging belly, patted it, and said, "Baby?" I said yes and so he decided to investigate further.

My shirt was lifted to reveal the entirety of my belly and Fish began talking to the baby. I asked him to tell her to come out and so he did. Then, upon finding my belly button, he proceeded to give the baby raspberries. As I sat there laughing, it drew the attention of my faithful hubby and Treefrog. Fish wasted no time in inviting them along for a few raspberries of their own and the rest was history. I was laughing so hard as my belly received raspberry after raspberry. Every boy on and around my lap was also enjoying a good laugh and from the movement going on inside, our little girl was having a blast as well:)

We are hoping for a delivery soon. The sooner the better so we can introduce her to the beautiful Oregon sunshine and a few raspberries of her own!

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shinelight said...

Are you not on speaking terms with your blog??? Just wondering...I'm missing your posts. I think me bugging you is probably the reason you chose to keep this little blog of yours a I right? ;)