Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Not Sure

I don't know if I'm back or not. My days are filled to the brim right now with this new little one who I have lovingly dubbed Pillbug for the blog-o-sphere. Pillbug turned our world upside down on June 1, a mere 34 minutes past her big brother Fish's birthday (and, incidentally, my friend J's birthday!). Since that day I have been enamored with her ways. She has a personality all her own that is really nothing like her older brothers'. Treefrog and Fish love having a baby to call their sister. And, I'm pretty sure Ben has completely lost his heart to her. My family is so sweet. I am utterly blessed by these beings in my life.

Today ended hard (my "day" is over when Ben gets home - then it is evening), so Ben escaped with the kids for a while to give me some quiet just before deciding that we needed a night out for dinner. So, in a few short minutes, I'll put away my computer and grab all the gear that we need to tote a baby girl around and we'll go somewhere that I will not have to cook the food or clean the dishes. And I will feel blessed even more to have that choice.

Tomorrow I will wake up and the laundry will still be here (oh, the cloth diapers!), the kids will still be at very different stages of needs, and Ben will still need to go to work for the day, but I will be refreshed. These few minutes of quiet (especially when paired with a dinner out!) are so rejuvenating these days. Maybe when this feeling of being refreshed isn't so illusive, I'll promise to post more often:)

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shinelight said...

Hurray! You are back! So happy to read your blog again! :)