Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sick for Thanksgiving

So, we have had the vomits in this house.

Treefrog was consumed by vomit (or maybe it is more realistic to say I was consumed by his vomit) a couple days ago. Fish has been on our first! ever! antibiotic! for an ear infection I had no idea was looming. Treefrog is totally back to normal now, but Fish is inexplicably throwing up. Like projectile throwing up. Yeah, you're glad you stopped by.

I'm slightly worried that he is allergic to penicillin and that every time I dose him I am one step closer to his throat swelling shut. We haven't had to deal with any allergies yet, so I am hoping this is just a fluke virus. Let's hope I'm right.

Thanksgiving this year is at Ben's uncle's house. We will go with homemade rolls, vegetarian stuffing muffins (cause I don't eats the meats!), and a pecan pie (because I can't stop thinking about how good a pecan pie would taste - I think Mir put it into my head from her previous holiday posts). It will be a delightful day if I don't have to catch anyone's vomit.

Here's to hoping!!

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