Sunday, November 2, 2008

Apple Squeezing

Well, that's what they called it anyway. The boys and I trooped out this rainy Saturday to the farm where my dad has recently taken up residence (yea! He is out of my house!!) for our first ever apple pressing.

The people who were hosting are not, apparently, early risers. They decided to start festivities at noon. That's correct, ladies and gents, a mere one hour away from nap time! But, we braved it, knowing that naps aren't necessary when Yia-yia will be joining us;)

Basically, we arrived at the farm, got to dump some apples into the press, watched the juices run free, helped with a little filtering, and then ate tomato soup with all the other helpers.

Treefrog was very interested in the press, but Fish was more interested in yelling "No!" to the dogs after he incited their barking from chasing them around. I did a lot of chasing of Fish, but walked away with a gallon and a half of cider. All in all, not a bad trade off.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Fish, loving just being able to run around with little supervision.

Treefrog, taking his beloved fingers out of his mouth for a quick photo opp.

The apple press

Treefrog dutifully holding the filter.

Fish playing in the apple mush - his second favorite activity of the day!

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Ashlee said...

The more I see the pictures the more I wish I could have gone. I just seems like they had a great time.