Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cooking 101

Sunday was my surprise day. All week Ben had been sitting on this secret, telling me I'm not allowed to plan anything for Sunday, I wouldn't be going to church, Sunday is all about me, etc. I started to get a little nervous Saturday because he has never before successfully kept a secret from me (ask me how he proposed someday), and there have been times that he is extremely excited about a surprise and it turns out not to be something I am overly excited about. So, Saturday, to ease my concerns, he let the cat out of the bag - I was going to cooking school!!!!!!!

My excitement built as I drew closer and closer to Portland where the class was being held. Who would be in the class? How would I compare to the others? Would we start out in the kitchen right away? Oh my, how excited I was!

I arrived about 15 minutes early and was immediately directed to my classroom - I had managed to get there even before my chef/teacher. Soon enough, others started arriving and before I knew it, the class had begun. We started with a power point and lecture, learning some basics on sanitation, terminology, and such. Then, it was in to the kitchen to tackle our knife skills. We practiced everything on potatoes and onions (oh, the tears!!) and I really got a feel for how to properly handle the knife. Our chef also did several de-boning demonstrations on whole chickens. It was pretty neat stuff. I'll never again pay for a chicken breast when I can get the entire chicken for the same price!!!

This was such an amazing and thoughtful gift from the love of my life! I know I have already said it too many times, but thank you, Babe!


shinelight said...
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shinelight said...

Awesome! When she we plan for a chicken dinner? ;) Actually, I would love it if you could show me how to de-bone a chicken. We usually do bone in for the extra nutrients, but it would be fun to do something different.

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