Friday, January 30, 2009

Warm Bread

This is my week for the mixer (it is shared between the members) and to make bread for the co-op that I belong to. Once per week we either make 6 loaves of bread or have 2 loaves of bread delivered to our doorstep. I have been a busy beaver with the mixer over the week. I started with a sampler loaf of the bread I wanted to make. Ben and I discussed it and made the changes that we thought were necessary, and then today came the actually baking. On other days, I made bagels (24 since I won't have the mixer again for three weeks) and pizza dough.

So, today the bread for the co-op looks great. It rose just like it should have, and it is currently baking away in my nicely warmed oven. I can't wait to slice into one of the loaves, slather it with Irish butter, and consume it savory bite by savory bite!

Oh, did I just make you hungry for some homemade bread?

There is plenty to share, so stop on by . . . you may just need to bring your own butter, though, because I use a lot;)

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