Thursday, January 15, 2009

Surviving the Chaos

Well, hopefully that is what I'm doing. Sometimes it feels like I'm drowning in it.

We returned home from Christmas back east on Sunday and have been in recovery mode ever since. Our suitcases are still on the floor in various parts of the house. My pregnant body has still not fully recovered from two weeks in a foreign bed and eight hours in the air. My house was a little clean when we returned but now looks as though it vomited all over itself. The good? The boys are both sleeping through the night and seem to have adjusted back to our time zone (thank you Melatonin!!!). I don't have to cook lunch or dinner since we eat at the college's cafeteria. And, I can give the boys a loving shove out the back door when the house starts to close in on us (thank goodness there is not a train in our back yard!!!!).

So, at times I am feeling quite overwhelmed with all our stuff hanging around. However, there are quick moments now and again where I feel so blessed to be here. To be with my boys (oh yea, and this little girl I'm carrying around!), to drink in their energy and love and enjoy the moments we have together. I guess that is the only way one can survive the chaos!

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