Monday, March 2, 2009

Butt Naked

Today was a rather trying day. Treefrog is finally feeling better (thanks to a 3 hour trip to the doctor's including a nebulizer, a steroid shot, a lung x-ray, and an at home albuterol inhaler). Also, with all the rain here in the Pacific Northwest, he has felt rather cooped up. Today was our first sunny day in quite sometime. Or at least I think it was the first sunny day . . . I guess I just can't be sure since I went 72 hours last week without leaving the house. Anywho, back to Treefrog. So my cabin-fevered little boy was very blessed today by the sunshine. When Fish went up to their room for his afternoon nap, Treefrog decided to go outside to play. He was in our backyard for about a half hour, maybe forty-five minutes. I heard the pitter-patter of his feet hurrying inside and looked around from my blog-viewing to see a very naked, dirty little boy.

Me: "Treefrog! Where are your clothes?"
Treefrog: "Ummmm, weeeeeelll. They're outside."

M: Why are they outside?
T: Because they are wet.

M: Why are they wet?
T: Because there is some water in the wheel barrel and I played in it.

He then proceeded to give me the sweetest and most exceedingly innocent smile I think I have ever seen him give. So, we washed him up and he spent the rest of the afternoon running around inside in his undies.


Another fun scene from life with Treefrog:

Yesterday was a dessert day for our family and through a series of events, Treefrog had lost the choice for dessert. After dinner, Ben was enjoying his strawberry shortcake and Treefrog sidled up to him.

Treefrog: "Papa, can I have a bite?"
Ben: "No, buddy, you lost your choice of dessert tonight."

T: Well, what if I pretend like it isn't dessert? Can I have a bite then?

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