Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bacon Grease

Last night was a night to remember.

Ben had group interviews with college students from 5:30 - 9:30, so I was solo-parenting it. Treefrog had been feeling rather yucky during the afternoon and at about 6:30 I noticed that he was fevered. 101.8 meant a dose of Ibuprophen. He likes taking medicine (especially since it is a rarity with him) and downed it in a flash saying, "Mmmm. That's good." While I was administering the medicine, Fish opened our childproofed frig (no longer duct taped, but an actual "child-lock" that he figured out within 2 minutes of installing), pulled out our grape juice (and our cup of congealed bacon grease which becomes important later in the evening), took the lid off the juice, and proceeded to attempt to take a drink from the container. The result? Juice all over the kitchen floor. At that point was when I turned to the best babysitter known: Veggie Tales.

After cleaning up the juice I decided to go ahead and throw both boys in the tub to help with Treefrog's fever, to keep them occupied, and to get them clean - three birds with one stone, go me!!! Fish was a wild-child in the tub and was soon bathed and out (so much for keeping him occupied/contained) since water was ending up all over the floor. I dried him, clothed him, and reinforced the child-locked frig (yes, duct tape was involved again) and turned my attention to Treefrog to get him bathed and out of the tub. 2 minutes people. That's tops of how long I was in the bathroom with Treefrog and without Fish. May I repeat: TWO MINUTES.

Treefrog and I walked out of the bathroom to Fish who had gotten the bacon grease cup off the counter (where I had stupidly put it instead of locking it into the frig). Apparently, he felt like the cup would make a pretty good shoe. And who wouldn't, really? So, my lovely fish had a foot all bacon greased up and had walked throughout the kitchen and dining rooms and into the carpeted hallway. Do you like the smell of cooked pig? Cause I'm pretty sure my house will now permanently smell like so.

Oh, wait, folks! That's not all. Both boys went to bed around 7:30. Ben got home at 10:00, and by 10:30, Treefrog was back up and feeling rather warm. A mere 104.2 temperature greeted us. A call to the advice nurse determined that we should monitor the temperature throughout the night and flip back and forth from Tylenol to Ibuprophen. So, my committed hubby slept on the pull out couch with our sick guy, checked his temp every two hours, and administered the meds. It was a bit of a flashback to our first days with Treefrog as he had a heart condition at birth that required around-the-clock meds for two years.

So, all in all, I'm trying to find the positive things in this:
1) Ben - amazing, loving husband who sacrifices so much for us!!
2) My wood floor is now more conditioned than any other product could have made it.
2a) Sliding around on the slippy floors with socks, oh yeah.
3) Spending time one-on-one with Fish as Treefrog sleeps away in our bed.
4) Sweet, sweet Treefrog snuggled down, wanting some hugs, a little juice, sleep, and nothing more.
5) It's a rainy spring day here in the Pacific Northwest, so at least we aren't inside on one of our rare sunny days.

My plan is to cling to these positives throughout the day (and the next two) as Ben leaves each morning, only to return around 5pm or so. Jesus, you are strong in our weakness!!

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Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh the joys of motherhood. Once I posted about an incident when I discovered my 2 year old cleaning the toilet with my toothbrush. Yeah, the scary part was that I wasn't completely sure if it was the first time she'd decided to help with the chores. ick!

Hang in--I'm on the back side of raising 4!


P.S. I stumbled by here through the comments on PW--every now and then I just pop in to see who some of the others are who read her.