Monday, February 2, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Oh my!

This was my morning, however. No, we did not go to the zoo. We simply walked upstairs, Treefrog, Fish, and I and entered the world of imagination. It was very fun to put on the dress up clothes we have for animals (nothing fits Mama, though, so I stayed dressed in my jeans and t-shirt), get down on all fours, and eat fish, beavers, zebras, and bears. Yes, apparently bears eat other bears in my son's animal kingdom.

By the time we came downstairs for snack, I was tuckered out. It doesn't take much these days:) The boys had peaches and peanut butter on bread while I looked longingly at the Dr. Pepper and Reese's Cups that Ben had surprised me with yesterday. There was no way I was sharing those treats, so I saved them until I could lock myself in the office and do some afternoon blogging.

I would say my priorities are just fine today: Play with kids, wait til their distracted, consume Dr. P and Reese's Cups. Yep, no worries there!

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Dutchess said...

DP and Reeses?! Why didn't you call your prego friend over?! That's okay...I get birthday cake tonight. :)