Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Question Monster

So Treefrog has reached that age. The age everyone goes through and then promptly tries to forget. The age of questioning. It started off innocently enough. Heck, we even encouraged the little buggar to continue asking. Now, however, we realize we created a monster.

Exhibit A: Family Movie Night; watching Madagascar

Treefrog - Papa, where's the lion?

Papa - I think he went to sleep, buddy.

T - Papa, is the lion gonna eat the zebra?

P - I don't think so, buddy. They are friends.

T - Oh. Well, I think he may eat him. What is that?

P - A lemur.

T - What sound does he make?

P - I don't know.

T - Where's the hippo?

P - Just watch the movie!

Exibit B: Just before bedtime

Treefrog - Mama, the baby in your belly can't hear me.

Mama - Yes, honey, she can.

T - Is the baby going to sleep now too?

M - Well, eventually she will. She just sleeps whenever she wants to.

T - Does the baby have a bed in there?

M - No, God made it snuggly inside Mama so the baby is always nice and comfy.

T - Can the baby hear me?

M (finally catching on that this will never end) - Go to bed, Treefrog!

Lather, rinse, and repeat many times throughout a day. His questions usually revolve around two subjects - animals (mainly what sounds they make) and the new baby (usually whether or not she can hear us). It is super cute for the first 15 minutes in the mornings. Then I want to pull my hair out:)

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