Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sometimes My Inner-Hippie Comes Out

I guess it is confession time. I have had an inner desire since my college days to be a full-fledged hippie. On several occasions I have researched/desired putting my hair into dreadlocks. I would love to repurpose my clothing instead of buying new. I have gone without shampooing my hair for six weeks (when I hiked in Wyoming with the CCO). I currently am in a bread co-op where all of the bread we consume is homemade and organic. I would love to feed myself and our children only raw cow's milk, raw cheese, and allow that nothing processed by anyone other than me cross our lips.

All this leads me to my latest venture into discovering/achieving my hippie-dome: Deodorant making. For some time now I have been using Tom's of Maine deodorant (unscented if anyone cares). With this latest pregnancy I have noted a definite increase in the smell generated by my body. Night sweating and morning inability to control my body temperature has made good ol' Tom's ineffective for my hormonal body. Thus, I tried my hand at making my own deodorant the other day. Here is my report: For three full days now (including my episodes of nighttime and morning-time sweats) I have been stink-free. This amazing recipe has solved all of my problems!! I have even talked Ben and two other friends into taking the plunge into the homemade deodorant realm:)

Now, if I could just convince my hair to dread, buy a new sewing machine that actually works, and throw out all my processed food I could finally achieve my goal of becoming a hippie. Sigh, someday.

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shinelight said...

The deoderant making definitely gives you like ten points toward hippie-dom. :) After (while) being so sick, it has been sugar and any processed foods that make me even sicker(go figure), so we have finally gotten rid of all things processed and have only organic fresh foods around. It has made a huge difference in everyone (energy levels, moods, skin) it will only get cheaper with the farm this summer! Let me know if you ever want to get the raw milk and cheese. ;) I'll hook you up! ;) Great job hippie mama! xo