Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sick Day; Plus: A Hippie Update!

Yesterday, I woke up feeling awful. Two nights in a row of little sleep (thank you, pregnant body for making it sooooo comfortable to sleep) plus caring for a sick Fish meant a Mama who was ready for a day off. Alas, that was not to be. So, I plugged through the day. It was definitely not my shining moment in parenthood. Poor Treefrog was constantly being told to go outside and play (granted, it was a gorgeous day and he should have been outside anyway!), and Fish was also feeling neglected as I was not in the mood to hold him as much as he wanted. Sick Fish = Clingy Fish = Cranky Mama.

Today is Ben's day to feel yucky. Treefrog was up four times last night (Ben took the first two shifts and I took the last two shifts). He slept in until 8, but that meant that Fish was up at the same time. Ben likes to start the mornings a little slower than Fish does, so he started out with a strike against him. Both boys are feeling pretty good today, so that meant a lot of energy being displayed right off the bat (strike number two). And the final strike? Me springing wanting to go to story time at our local coffee shop. Ben obliged, but the crankiness continues. To hopefully combat his mood, he is now at the seminary he attends "working." I assume he will work, but will also take some time for himself - which is not only needed, but warranted as well!!!

Hippie Update:
In my continued spurt of finding my inner-hippie, I have decided to go "no-poo" due to the fact that my hair is drying out from this hormonal pregnancy. Also, I just finished making my own facial cleanser. The jury is still out on the no-poo and facial cleanser, but I just got out of the shower having used a baking soda wash and vinegar rinse on my hair and homemade facial cleanser, and then applied my homemade deodorant and I have never felt more hippie-ish in my life. Here's to a squeaky clean hippie (is that possible?!)!!

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shinelight said...

Sweet! I just read the article you linked to about no poo- I have to say, that's not what I first thought of when I read the term. :) Let me know how it goes, I'd definitely be down with trying it! Way to go awesome hippie-mama!