Monday, January 4, 2010

The Challenge of Vacations

We have three weeks at the end of each year for 'break.' The students are gone for winter break and the holidays are upon us. Ben took two weeks of duty this year and so our break didn't actually start until Saturday. He kicked it off with a Lord of the Rings movie marathon (extended editions) while I did some cleaning, cooking, and chatting with friends. It was a good beginning for both of us.

We rolled through a normal Sunday (church, lazy afternoon, evening together reading, etc.) and then Monday hit. We aren't supposed to have the crazy-Monday-syndrome while on vacation, you know? But, somehow we managed to do just that! After each of us taking a time out and refocusing, we came back together and made a plan for the week. I think it'll go a bit more smoothly now that our expectations are set.

Now, I'm off to look over some home school books at our church to see if I can get some ideas as to what I'll need for the upcoming year.

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