Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It is a simple number. Small, unobtrusive. I have good memories of the number two. Once there were just two of us in this family of ours. At another point, we had only two little guys sharing our space.

And then Pillbug entered the picture. "Two" took on a whole new meaning.

Two is:
the month in which we discovered a severe ear infection in her left ear.
the number of antibiotics we used to get rid of said ear infection
the number of kidneys my little girl has
the number of visits to her doctor this month to treat her tiny kidneys holding a very big infection
the number of shots of a strong antibiotic to get the infection under control
the number of antibiotics since then that she has had to take: one strong one for 10 days, another lesser, preventive one until . . .
the number of tests that need to be ran on Pillbug to see if she has something more serious going on in her urinary tract
the number of times I was peed upon in an attempt to get a urine sample to make sure the infection is gone

So, two? Doesn't seem so small anymore.

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shinelight said... are right. The number two takes on a whole new meaning when you say it like that! :) Poor girl, I hope hope hope that there is nothing bigger wrong with her. You are doing a great job Mama! xo

2 (two!) days until the weekend!! :)