Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Wet Fish

Fish has decided to potty train himself. But, only when Ben is home. Aaaaaaand we are into RA selection season so Ben is rarely home. Oh, this child may just be the death of me.

Patience, Lord, patience.

On Sunday there is an "alternative worship service" at our church. We are attempting to fill a need that was spoken (5+?) years ago. I jumped on just before Christmas and have been trying to find my niche in the group. For the first couple of months, I felt like I left every meeting asking myself why I was doing this. I was satisfied with our "normal" church service . . . well, as satisfied as I can be as a Presbyterian attending a Quaker church. The changes I would make to the service would probably get me thrown out of the church, or at least whispered about:)

Anyway, I digress.

Recently I found my position. I may not be hip to all the young kids' music or be able to contribute significantly to the message or have the patience to hold kids in childcare, but I can make food. Hence, the baking of bread. Today was stock day. I made roughly 2 gallons of vegetable stock for a black bean soup. Again, I worshiped in my kitchen and it was good. It got me through the peeing off the chair (and onto bedroom carpet), the peeing on the couch during "rest time," and the nibbles my Pillbug takes whilst nursing.

God is good!

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shinelight said...

Yay! We love your little tree frog too, happy birthday sweet boy!! xoxoxo