Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Five Months and Counting

Today marks your fifth month on this earth. It is going so fast.

You first rolled over at two weeks (most people will think that is a misprint, but it is not). By one month you could (and would) roll both ways.

At two months you were so aware of your surroundings. People often thought you were so much older because you were a hefty baby, but also because of how aware you were of everything. We had a little misunderstanding with the insurance company this month (they thought you weren’t born. Apparently the c-section charges didn’t clue them in and we needed to sign some papers or something).

By three months you were starting to move. You and I went and visited your great-grandparents in West Virginia and you loved having all the attention. You spent many hours in the arms of your Nana, Maw-maw, and Pap. So many hours, in fact, that you were slightly spoiled over the next week.

At four months you had a mind of your own. You saw something you wanted and went for it – cords, balls, string, anything Treefrog was playing with. Your verbal skills became apparent as you fine-tuned your raspberry. Your first tooth appeared this month (October 22 to be exact) and I fear my nipples will never be the same.

Five months went by so quickly. I fear the next five as you become even more mobile and head-strong, and yet I look forward to your next milestones; to celebrate them with you.

Fish, you mean the world to me. I love you so much and cannot imagine life without you now. May you always be comforted in the love of your family!

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