Monday, October 29, 2007

Taking a Peek

Each day as we are walking to dinner (we live on a college campus and eat lunch and dinner in the cafeteria daily) we pass by our "New House" as we have deemed it. Each day one of us says, "Let's just take a peek." Each day we are sorely disappointed at the progress.

Did I mention we are moving in four days? I think I was wrong.

It occurred to me today that the things they have left to do will most likely not be done in four days time. I am saddened by this, but mostly it makes me tired. I am trying to create a stable environment for Treefrog and Fish, but each day we step around boxes and each day I pack a little more of our belongings and each day our stability drifts away.

I am tired. Tired of my life being confined to boxes, tired of vacuuming around those boxes, tired of stepping over the boxes, tired of watching the s l o w progression of the house, tired of being asked when we are moving or if we have moved. I'm tired people.

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