Monday, October 22, 2007

Rack, Shack, and Benny: Oh, How I Love Thee!

Mornings in my house are sometimes a little hectic - especially Monday mornings. I know, I know. Everyone's mornings are hectic. You can stop reading now if you so desire.

Ben is the one who gets up with our early riser - Treefrog. I'm pretty sure Fish would sleep all day if given the opportunity (and, of course, if he didn't need to get his boob-fix!). So, Ben is up for . . . let's just say a while before I get up. [It wouldn't be anywhere near 2 hours most days. No, I'm sure I don't get that much more sleep.] In those two hours, Ben manages to give Treefrog breakfast, oversee the dressing, and play in the playroom with him. By the time I get up, Treefrog is begging for a video. So, while we get ready we gladly pop in a Veggie Tales video. This buys us a half an hour or so to do all the things we need to.

This is our routine now. I have to say, it took us a while to get this down. To say that Treefrog is an active two-year old is an understatement. From the instant his eyes pop open he is all energy. For a while (like the first 20 or so months of his life, not that we were counting), Treefrog refused to watch videos. We had to teach him. Yep, that's stellar parenting right there. You people should take notes. I'll wait for you to get your pen and paper.

Got it?

Okay, so it took little steps. First we had to coax him into sitting still for a few minutes. We normally had to sit with him and talk through the video to try to make it interesting. This bought us about 15 minutes on a really good day. Eventually, we were able to leave the room for a minute. Then those minute-reprieves became two minutes and on and on. Until, finally! We were able to have an entire half hour to ourselves!!

Veggie Tales is our friend!

Call me if you need more parenting advice *wink wink*

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